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With liberated data, you can reveal a more productive and profitable industrial reality. Explore our library of white papers and other written resources to understand the impact of Cognite Data Fusion.

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Industrial AI

Empowering Humans to Drive Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Industrial companies have so far invested in aggregating their data and making it available to their personnel utilizing a cloud data warehousing set-up. Unfortunately, active metadata management has remained an afterthought, thereby limiting the value of the data. The industrial players who invest in the contextualization and developer-friendly accessibility of their data will have a major competitive advantage in the increasingly digital landscape of the future.

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The next generation of equipment monitoring and maintenance operations

Smart Maintenance is a set of data-driven opportunities that increase uptime, boost performance, reduce over-maintenance, and improve planning. But for too many companies in heavy-asset industries, Smart Maintenance is an opportunity that remains unseized. This paper describes how Cognite lays the foundation for companies to extract the massive value potential in Smart Maintenance.

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Digital Worker

Empowering Field Workers With Easily Accessible Data

Digitalization has transformed consumer behavior, revolutionizing everything from entertainment to shopping. But for many heavy-asset companies and their field workers, it’s as though this transformation never happened. Until now. This paper details how Cognite helps industrial companies achieve greater efficiency, remove waste, and boost worker safety by optimizing planning and execution of day-to-day operations and maintenance activities.

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Performance-Based Contracts

Digitalization and Data Sharing Advances New Business Models in the E&P Supply Chain

The relationship between operators and OEMs has been unchanged for decades, limited to a transactional format. It’s time to put data to work for industry. To do that, OEMs and operators alike need to recognize data as a valuable resource that can be traded between one another to extract value on both sides. This paper explains how.

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Operational Digital Twin

How Data Contextualization Provides a Complete, Actionable Understanding of Industrial Operations

A digital twin can be one of the most useful, insightful tools to drive industrial innovation. The next frontier in the digital twin space utilizes scalable cloud architecture to enable a crucial decoupling of individual models (e.g., applications, simulation models, analytics) from separate source systems, reversing the unnecessary complexity established in point-to-point integrations. This paper outlines the prerequisites and benefits of constructing such an operational digital twin using examples already at work in the field.

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How Hybrid Solutions Maximize Production Of Industrial Operations

There is ground to be made up in the production process, bottlenecks to break, and thresholds to close. Physics models have taken engineers a long way; supplemented with live, contextualized data, they can go much further. Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) gives engineers the ability to zoom in on the process and locate persistent problem areas and examine them with greater granularity. They retain control of their domain and use their expertise to verify the results of machine learning models with physics insight models. This hybrid approach is poised to take industries like oil and gas the extra mile.

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Foundational Digital Twin

The Foundational Digital Twin

Extracting Value from Data Using an Industrial Data Platform

Presented at the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, this paper describes the implementation of an industrial data platform to stream and contextualize data from many, disparate, underlying systems, providing a holistic view of all processes and operations, thus creating a foundational digital twin for an asset or system of assets.

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Accelerating Japan's Manufacturing Sector with Data

Prerequisites for Performance-Based Contracts

Digitalization and Data Sharing Changes Business Models in E&P Supply Chain

International pump supplier Framo signed the first performance-based contract on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in August 2018. Their partner in this project is Aker BP, one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe. The signed SMART contract sets an overview of concrete performance indicators that have a direct impact on the pricing of pump services. This paper analyzes the upsides and risks for both the operator and the supplier in this case and explains the data sharing technology that makes the project possible.

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Realizing the Value of Digitalized Collaboration

in Pursuit of Predictive Maintenance

The integration of Siemens' SOGO IMS and Cognite Data Fusion pioneers new levels of data Completeness and Context, all streamed through the Cloud and, therefore, born to scale. By breaking down these barriers, Siemens and Cognite have set a new standard for realizing the true value of industrial data.

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The Future of the Field

Performance-Based Contracts Disrupt the Oil & Gas Value Chain

With live operational data from Aker BP, Framo is prepared to prove that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can reinforce their domain expertise, demonstrate new business models beginning with smart contracts, and reimagine competition in a thriving industrial ecosystem nourished by open data.

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Open Industrial Data

Inspiring Innovation & Fueling Collaboration in the Oil & Gas Ecosystem

The Open Industrial Data project presents the world’s first live industrial data stream. This is a crucial first step toward a more open and collaborative industry, where data sharing is the norm rather than the exception.

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