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Data has the potential to be industry’s most valuable asset. But today, outdated industrial infrastructures only use a fraction of the data available. Cognite Data Fusion transforms all your existing data into useful information. To connect. To analyze. To share. To let data power industry. So you can create and innovate.

Fast, open, secure, and infinitely scalable, Cognite Data Fusion reveals a digital representation of your industrial reality. So you can redefine the industrial future.

Build a thriving ecosystem

Break down the silos

Cognite Data Fusion retrieves your data from its disparate silos and makes it available as a comprehensive set in the cloud. With authenticated access using an API key, you’re free to begin analyzing and innovating on real-time insights with speed and scalability.

Break down the silos

Build context

Once your data is liberated, Cognite Data Fusion adds layers of context to allow for deeper analytics and insight. Everything linked in the real world is also linked in the platform. See your sensor data in relation to equipment hierarchies, P&IDs, 3D models, maintenance logs, and even weather data.

Break down the silos

Create a thriving ecosystem

The data is yours. We provide APIs that enable you to build your own applications on top of the liberated, contextualized data. Cognite Data Fusion also facilitates an ecosystem of partners who can use the data you choose to share, driving innovation and directly benefiting your business.

Innovate. Invent. Develop.

Development should be fast. Innovation should be inspiring. With Cognite Data Fusion, you get both. Build anything on top of the platform with open API documentation and libraries in our developer portal.

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Our difference is in the context

We believe data openness is essential to achieving true digitalization. Cognite Data Fusion integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment and infrastructure to provide you with full visibility and total control of your industrial data.


Cognite Data Fusion can aggregate and contextualize any industrial data, from any system. The more data available, the more layered the context. And the result: deeper analytics, improved visualizations, and more opportunities to optimize and learn.


Data sharing amplifies the potential value of these insights. With virtual representations of your real world assets reflecting real-time data, you can identify and prevent problems that have been present but invisible for decades. Cognite Data Fusion then helps you share this intelligence with selected vendors, suppliers, and partners. Inspiring fast, sustainable innovation. Increasing the overall health of your ecosystem. Benefiting your business again and again.



Our APIs, SDKs, and libraries are open-source to our customers. Your developers and analysts are free to build and develop applications and machine learning models that best respond to your specific operational needs. When you choose to share data with partners and suppliers, customizable permissions hierarchies ensure that you retain full control over who can access your data.


Our APIs promote data accessibility within your operations. Unlock the value of contextualized data for mobile workers, onshore experts, engineers, and operators. From large CAD models to VR and lightweight web viewers, complex asset plans and locations can run natively on phones and tablets. Instantly accessible for greater ease, efficiency, and safety.


No more point-to-point integrations. Cognite Data Fusion decouples your data from its original source systems and creates a secure, cloud-based replication that includes a single point of entry to all your data. This means quick access to big datasets. Speed like this is fundamental to operationalization and optimization. Launch large scale analytics. Improve onsite safety and efficiency. And reduce project timelines from months to weeks.


Cognite Data Fusion's API-centric approach offers unparalleled speed of development for third-party application developers. Equipped for more than just data consumption, the Cognite Data Platform supports machine learning, model hosting, 3D optimization, and advanced data manipulation. Developers can build smarter applications and access complex algorithms quicker and more easily. All without sacrificing performance.


Using configurable extractors and intuitive ingestion APIs, Cognite Data Fusion integrates with your existing systems and infrastructure to deliver value from day one. We work closely with our partner Google, utilizing Pub/Sub, Big Query, and machine learning technologies to reinforce an intuitive, cloud-based architecture that supports active development. No need to rely on professional services to implement solutions. Just put Cognite to work.


Cognite Data Fusion anticipates scalability. Flexible and easily upgradeable, the services-based architecture can accommodate an infinite system of applications. And all the data is yours. Build and connect as many applications as you want. Transfer data anywhere, anytime at no extra cost. Customers are guaranteed access to new features and upgrades. And because we use Google’s cloud services, your data is encrypted and secure.

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