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Three-pronged approach to digital value
Industry Solutions

Digital value at scale. We get you there. Fast.

Cognite offers Industry Solutions. A service to accelerate your strategy for digital value creation by helping you leverage Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). CDF contextualizes your data and presents it as an operational digital twin. Simplifying the deployment of industrial applications to increase safety and efficiency and drive revenue. You’ll work closely with Cognite’s subject matter experts to get up and running with our 3D Pipeline, Physics-Guided Machine Learning, and a variety of applications, including our own Operation Support and Asset Data Insight.

We know what works. Using our library of proven use cases, we tailor a solution that generates fast, scalable value for your organization.

Industry Solutions give you access to

  • Cognite’s Subject Matter Experts within the domain(s) of your choice
  • A robust library of proven use cases to choose from
  • Best practices on how to organize for value capture
  • A resourceful toolbox for your data scientists
  • A how-to guide for data ingestion in CDF and the building of hybrid data science models
  • Out-of-the-box applications from Cognite and our partners

We offer Industry Solutions for

Smart Maintenance

Data-driven equipment monitoring and maintenance operations

Production Optimization

Data- and physics-driven decision-making for max production

Digital Worker

Data-empowered and tech-enabled workforce in the field

Jumpstart your digital journey with a Value Week

Our customers can take advantage of a Cognite Value Week!

We send a sleek, cross-functional team to your offices to accelerate everything from data ingestion to contextualization to use case delivery in just one week. You’ll see instant value. And your team will get their hands on Cognite Data Fusion, learning how to leverage it quicker and better for your business.

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