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Smart Maintenance

Improve planning.
Increase uptime.
Boost performance.

Cognite's Smart Maintenance solution clears a path to the next generation of equipment monitoring and maintenance operations. Accelerating bottom-up digital transformation. Securing both short- and long-term value generation for companies in heavy-asset industries.

What is data-driven Smart Maintenance?

Maintenance engineers with real-time access to the right data in context can finally

  • Gather information from any industrial application and improve maintenance procedures by seeing data sources in relation to one another

  • Conduct in-depth data exploration, enabling informed, effective maintenance decisions at every level of an organization

How Does Cognite Support Your Pursuit of Smart Maintenance?

Cognite’s Smart Maintenance solutions combine subject-matter experts (SMEs) with digital opportunities that improve maintenance operations. We’ll sit side-by-side with your own experienced staff to figure out what will deliver the most value for your organization. Together, we streamline the Smart Maintenance use case process -- from identification through delivery -- so you can create end-to-end digital value in your operations as quickly as possible.

Asset Data Insight

Asset Data Insight, our flagship Smart Maintenance application for computers and mobile devices, enables real-time health overviews and analysis. With Insight you can:

  • Access, visualize, and examine all of your industrial data stored in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) in one unified interface
  • Create a model for one component, then roll it out to your entire installation
  • Link to specialized third-party systems for advanced visualizations and analytics

Capture Value

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) lays the foundation for capturing the massive value potential in Smart Maintenance. By liberating a wide variety of industrial data from separate, siloed source systems and making it accessible and meaningful for humans and machines, CDF powers the applications revolutionizing maintenance operations today.

End-to-end Support

Cognite supports you from set-up through execution and competence-building. Our interdisciplinary team of software developers, data scientists, designers, and industry professionals will help you identify the right use cases, connect you with expert resources, and shift your maintenance philosophy from reactive to proactive.

Ecosystem by Design

Application partners that supply embedded analytics. Service partners that develop models and tune dashboards. Common application development tools that easily integrate with CDF. Together, we’ll build the future of maintenance operations.


Smart Maintenance Use Cases