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Production Optimization

Increase plant availability.
Remove constraints.
Maximize throughput.

Cognite’s Production Optimization solution supports your transition to data- and physics-driven decision-making. Heightening your production engineers’ understanding of their own operations. Empowering your teams to maximize daily production.

What is data-driven Production Optimization?

Production engineers with real-time access to the right data in context can finally

  • Remove unnecessary production constraints and take actions to release more production/increase production capacity by process debottlenecking
  • Mitigate production deferral and take actions to close the gap between production capacity and actual production

How does Cognite support your pursuit of Production Optimization?

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) sit side-by-side with your own experienced staff to figure out what will deliver the most value for your organization. Together, we streamline the Production Optimization use case process--from identification through delivery--so you can create end-to-end digital value in your operations as quickly as possible.

Asset Data Insight

We help you leverage Asset Data Insight, our flagship application, which provides visually intuitive decision support for operators and first-line onshore support staff in their quest for production optimization. With Insight you can:

  • Access, visualize, and examine all of your industrial data stored in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) in one unified interface
  • Create a model for one component, then roll it out to your entire installation
  • Link to specialized third-party systems for advanced visualizations and analytics

Instant Value via Visualization

Cognite Data Fusion powers your preferred visualization applications by liberating your operational data from its siloed source systems. Achieve instant value by seeing your relevant data connected and presented in an intuitive format. Giving your people the ability to make qualified decisions based on data that is easy to search and understand.

Get Active Advice

Your production engineers know how to get the job done right. Imagine how much more they can do with access to live production data and insightful recommendations in real-time. Using a hybrid of machine learning models and physics-based models, Cognite Data Fusion empowers production engineers to take their own experience to the next level. Using data to accurately diagnose problems and offer suggested actions for the right equipment. 

Super Scalable

Cognite Data Fusion makes it easy to set up, host, and tune your models. Cognite’s Model Hosting service provides a simple way to copy-paste the models you want across all your wells, for example. Model Hosting then allows those models to run continuously and alert your team when something needs to be done. Enhancing the efficiency of your best people and freeing their time to improve elsewhere.