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Digital Worker

Boost safety.
Reduce waste.
Save time.

Cognite's Digital Worker solution supports your transition to a digital workforce in the field. Empowering your Digital Workers with technology that makes relevant information available everywhere, connects work orders to related data, and supports key workflows by complementing existing tools.

What is a Digital Worker?

Field workers with real-time access to the right data in context can finally

  • Optimize the planning and execution of day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) activities by using real-time data to quickly identify equipment in its digital and physical contexts, simultaneously
  • Collaborate across installations and coordinate more transparently with control room operators, onshore experts, and fellow workers between shifts

How Does Cognite Support Your Pursuit of a Digitalized Workforce?

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) sit side-by-side with your own experienced staff to figure out what will deliver the most value for your organization. Together, we streamline the Digital Worker use case process -- from identification through delivery -- so you can create end-to-end digital value in your operations as quickly as possible.

Operation Support

Operation Support, our flagship Digital Worker application for computers and handheld devices, improves efficiency, removes waste, and increases safety for field workers. With Operation Support you can:

  • Scan or look up an equipment tag to quickly pull up documentation, contextualized data, and other information stored in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF)
  • Navigate complex installations with detailed 3D models
  • Keep track of corrective and preventive maintenance work with shared checklists
  • Document equipment status with image- and video-sharing functionality

From Analog to Digital

Pen and paper. Hazardous conditions. Long walks between the field and the office. Fieldwork is loud and messy, but it doesn’t have to be. Together, we’ll rethink and reshape routines, freeing up time and resources, and give your workers the chance to innovate.

Designing with Humans in Mind

Your field workers are your experts. Our solutions tap into their knowledge. We design with field workers -- not for them. That's why our solutions target existing pain points without creating new ones.

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