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In the Oil & Gas sector, we’ve proven that true data openness can enable production optimization, extend the life of machinery through predictive maintenance, and increase worker efficiency by powering digital worker applications. Our customers are global market leaders. With contextualized data in Cognite Data Fusion, they have found it easier to examine their assets across multiple levels. Now operators can identify and prevent longstanding problems and contemplate new business models with performance-based contracts. The following is a representative list of our Oil & Gas customers:

Cognite Data Fusion empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver innovative products and services, as well as disruptive new business models. Seamless data sharing between operators and OEMs enables real-time monitoring of operational performance. Combining insights from advanced analytics with deep domain knowledge allows OEMs to predict equipment failure or performance degradation with a high degree of accuracy, then guide operators to take action before production loss. OEMs can also improve equipment quality and tune their products based on a data-driven industrial reality. The following is a representative list of our OEM customers:

As the world switches from running on fossil fuel to utilizing renewable energy sources, global electricity systems are being transformed. The IEA estimates that Europe alone will invest 1054 BEUR in electricity generation, transmission and distribution by 2025. Cognite Data Fusion will help utility companies liberate their operational data and realize maximum value. With insightful access to all their existing data, power generation companies can optimize O&M decisions and transform OEM business models. Transmission operators can enhance the way they utilize their costly assets. Distribution companies can increase the visibility of their grid assets. And system operators can share data across grid levels to minimize the total cost of our most important infrastructure. The following is a representative list of our Power customers:

Shipping companies invest billions of dollars in assets moving around the world’s oceans. Today, Cognite Data Fusion is receiving real-time data from these assets. Overcoming the obstacle of limited connectivity. Introducing a new level of transparency into onboard operations. Data availability breaks down the legacy barriers between land and fleet. Presenting a unified, real-time view of all relevant fleet information--onshore and onboard--enables true optimization of operations. The improvement of fleet performance, maintenance regimes, and tonnage allocation. And a common, transparent basis for decision-making and planning.